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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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hospital itself. but they don't know why. and say it's not due to flu season. their full statement is online. darcy spears, 13 action news. u.m.c. tells us their e.r. is busier than usual.... too. they say... hospital beds have remained full.... which makes it a challenge.... to move patients out of the emergency department..... to an inpatient bed..... as quickly as they would like to. the southern nevada health district says.... higher e.r. wait times are not unusual.... this time of year. we've already heard from so many of you.... about this issue. if you want to get your at 13 investigates.... at k-t-n-v dot com. breaking news... an update now to breaking news we first brought you on 13
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at five... chopper 13 fast and first over the scene of an accident involving a car and a motorcycle on buffalo near lake mead... the motoryclist was taken to umc trauma in critical condition. investigators are still on the scene working to determine exactly what happened. we're following some huge developments in our weather today... here's a live look outside..... where we saw record-breaking heat today... and... it's still only february! let's head over to.... 13 weather first.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield in the weather center with more....
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heading into the rest of the week. bryan... quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as high pressure remains in control of the forecast. however, chances are on the horizon for the weekend and the start to next week. in the short term, high temps will remain around 80 through frid and out throughout those days. by friday we'll get an extra push of clouds as a weak system pushes through the area. new at six.. hundreds of workers took to the picket lines today in reno. it happened at the construction site for tesla's new gigafactory. 13 action news reporter gina lazara explains why the workers say tesla isn't holding up its end of a billion dollar
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< the protesters are furious over state tax breaks that workers claim are being used to bring workers from new mexico to work at the site....instead of our own nevadans. you might remember governor brian sadoval signed legislation that gave one point four billion dollars in tax incentives to build the gigafactory. tesla workers say these tax dollars should be used to provide jobs for skilled nevada construction workers.....not new mexico -- just because they can be paid less. tesla says more than 75-percent of workers at the gigafactory are nevada residents. reporting in the studio gina lazara 13 action news. > a valley man charged in a drunk driving crash that claimed the lives of two teenagers.. has pleaded guilty. police say seong lee was drunk and driving at speeds of more than 115 miles an hour along boulder highway when he slamed into another car. prosecutors say they'll seek a sentence of 14 to 40 years. lee will be back in court for
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the minor accused of killing swans... will be on probation... until he's 21. back in november... swans and ducks were brutally killed. today... the teen accused of the crime apologized. attorney's say... the crime had something to do with a girl. 10:00:16-10:00:24 "the clinical seems to indicate this is an isolated incident, that he was upset about some issue involving a girl." before the hearing... people rallied outside. they wanted the judge.... to hand down the harshest punishment. the man accused of kidnapping a -14- year-old girl from arizona is expected in court tomorrow.... for a preliminary hearing. according to investigators.. jimmy carter kim held the girl captive for a month.... while she was sexually abused. the prosecutor called him... one of the most sadistic predators... she's ever seen. pause for animation new at 6.. traffic troubles. we're talking about one of the most dangerous stretches of
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the northern 215 beltway. 13-action news anchor jessica janner explains why nhp is making this their top priority. < head-on crashes are a major concern on the northern beltway. cars use the roadway much like an interstate, at high speeds.... there's no center divider... making the chances of survival much slimmer if your car goes into oncoming traffic. "a mazda, heading eastbound swerved, over corrected, and came across the median." this crash at 215 and fith street. here's one at 215 near aliante. and this one a little closer to the 15... nevada highway patrol says it's one of their biggest concerns. "we've had a lot of deadly crashes out there" -- trooper jason buratczuk, nhp "i'm not just wearing this reflective vest for style points, it's dangerous to be out here and that's why nhp wants you to be careful with all the crews doing this hard work." "construction equipment with the flashing lights or tow truck, you're required to slow down or at least move over a lane." -- trooper jason buratczuk, nhp give them plenty
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because crews here are installing that much needed center median. they're also widening the beltway, installing flood control, and adding better lights. construction started in november of 2014... but the end is soon... scheduled to stop before the hot summer months. on the north 215 beltway and aliante, jessica janner 13 action news. > we've made it easy for you to know about road construction. just go to and click on traffic there at the top. that will open a map showing road construction.. and other reasons for traffic delays. expect heavy traffic this weekend on the -15-.... near the las vegas motor speedway... because it's "nascar weekend"! an estimated 100-thousand people will be in town, starting friday. n-dot's asking driver's.... to avoid the area.... if you can. a new medical marijuana dispensary is being built.....
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vegas... but... this one.... is different. it's being built.... by "the paiute tribe". along with today's groundbreaking.. there was also.... a blessing ceremony. 13 action news reporter..... yasmeen hassan is showing us.... around the property. < yas this is it. i am standing on in the middle of a 5 million dollar project.. state of the art. today was much more than just a ground breaking for a dispensary. the paiute tribe is also building a grow house in north las vegas right now. both projects are happening at the same time - because the products from one....will go to stock the other. tribal council members have been talking about this plan for years... ....but in the end they deicded this came down to providing medicine for the community. 2:42:01 06 benny tso pauitetribe chairman ((i think we can create a unique product. i think we can also create a unique despinsary a unique surrounding arouond that.)) yas wants to handle marijuna but council members say not only are they going to follow the
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law here might be even stricter. reporting yasmeen hassan 13 action news. > "cerberous, thank you. cerberous. i love you." "thank you so much" new at six: a social media site that brought home a lost family member. so many people have been talking about this heartwarming reunion between a veteran and his beloved service dog. and it may not have happened without social media. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan has a look at the facebook page that helped viewers connect our story to the family who found the service dog. < this post was shared on the lost dogs of las vegas page just hours after eric and cerb were seperated. but it wasn't until we posted eric's story that eagle eyed viewers connected the dots. you can see all the messages below our post. it was just a couple of hours before the pair were back together...
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kisses being shared. sot that emotional reunion is something the administrators of the facebook page hope for. they were involved in trying to connect the woman who shared the post with us as well. to give him a steak with a1 sauce and give him whatever he wants, because i am so happy he is back." cerb is just one of dozens of pets posted on these types of facebook pages every day. the adminstrators of this page encourage anyone that finds a lost pet to have it scanned for a microchip... and post signs in the neighborhoood as well as on facebook pages like these ones. it is important to leave information on how the owner can reach you. reporting in the newsroom, bryan callahan, 13 action news. > right now.. a woman and an inmate are facing charges....
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drugs.... into a prison. this happened last week.... at the high desert state prison... near indian springs. prison officials say... keondre ridley was trying to deliver meth.... to inmate.... mustafa kyles. ridley is now behind bars.... on - 25-thousand dollar bail. he's serving.... -36- to -1- hundred -20-months for robbery and possession of stolen property. a brand new shopping center.... in henderson is brand new at -6-... the -8- million dollar project is turning office buildings.... into "the galleria marketplace". here's a new look.... at the space. a p.t's gold is expected in there... restaurant. . breaking the 'cracker barrel' restaurant chain.. popular back east.. is opening two new locations this summer in the valley. one will be near east craig and losee.. the other will be inside silverton casino on dean martin near blue diamond road. groundbreaking for the north las vegas location will be wednesday. pause for animation new at 6..
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through the entire month of march.. planet hollywood will donate all the change tossed in the miracle mile shops fountain to the national mulitple sclerosis society. and that entire donation will stay in southern nevada and california. the fountains will also be glowing in orange all month between shows. also... new at -6-.... tonight.. the wedding capitol of the world gets a boost. but... it's something that won't come back this way.... for another few years. plus.. the words "whites only" are stirring up a firestorm in a valley neighborhood.. but it's not stopping there. and... our local stories.... just keep on going!!! at -6- thirty... it's an expecting mother's fight... to keep her sanity!!! new at -6-.. a pick-up truck slams into a
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hitting a propane tank. then... the home explodes! a man and woman inside.... both died. the pick-up driver has a few injuries... there's no word yet..... on what charges.... the driver could be facing. a story you'll see only on action news.
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don't and he's a cancer outrage after the words "whites only" appear on a neighborhood tonight.. that's been erased but more up. 13-action news anchor lesley marin is live at nellis and sahara.. worried. lesley. walking down the sidewalk in this neighborhood-- you wouldn't expect to see much, right? well wrong-- because about a block from here-- kids were walking over a swastika today-- and it has many neighbors worries micky willis 21 1710 to 2117 16 "i'm scared i think is it safe for me to leave the house i actually had to watch my son walk to school this morning micky willis first contacted 13 action news-- when she saw the words "white only" on her neighbors curb. today it was painted over. but this swastika-- still remains just a block away from
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and--10 year old-- alyssa yedge just has one message for the person who wrote it... alyssa yedge, 10 year old neighbor 21 1958 to 21 2009 please be nice again we are in the 21st-century so i just went to that instead of putting that up you just ask people nicely now-- we would be standing to closer to the home where this swastika is painted-- but when we approached the homeowner...they said they didn't want to talk about it and asked us to leave. quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as high pressure remains in control of the forecast. however, chances are on the horizon for the weekend
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in the short term, high temps will remain around 80 through friday with cloud cover in and out throughout those days. by friday we'll get an extra push of clouds as a weak system pushes through the area. on saturday, breezy winds will move in ahead of a storm system that will bring windy conditions, chances for rain and cooler air to the area. highs will drop by a few degrees on saturday to the mid and upper 70s. by sunday we'll be in the windy category, high will drop a few more degrees and chances for rain will come into the forecast sunday evening. chances for rain will continue into monday, along with windy conditions and high temps will drop to the upper 60s.
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time now...
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from contact -13-. volkswagen's "dirty diesel" vehicles... are expected to cause... dozens of deaths!!! according to a new "m-eye-t" study... the excess pollution... created by each car... at the center of the v- w controversy... is about -40- times higher... than what's legally allowed... creating "significant effects"... on public health. it's estimated... around -60- people in the u-s... will die... - 10- to -20- years... prematurely. if you want to be responsible... with your tax refund.... this year? credit -dot-com says... make a plan! the financial resource site recommends... looking at your income... and... calculating expenses. there's plenty of apps... to help keep track of your spending. find places where...
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stash that refund... and... any other money you're saving... into an emergency fund. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. last friday's winner in our 13-action news $250 giveaway is colleen banchich. the keyword for tonight's giveaway is waffle. log on to between now click on contests and follow the instructions to enter.. and we'll announce another winner tomorrow night. in honor of this being 'leap day'.. a lot of businesses are offering specials. and for many.. it's turning into a big money maker. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston will tell us why wedding chapels are seeing a lot of traffic today.
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weekend... but... find out... why a snowboarder is getting honored! you're watching 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. today is leap day..
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couples from all over the world came to las vegas today with one reason- get married on a day they won't allow them to see their anniversary date again until 2020. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston shows us how leap day has become a popular day to get married. < i talked with the director of operations at chapel of the flowers. she says-- for a monday during this time of year-- today was really busy. she said it wasnt as busy as ten weddings. today-- they performed 20-- double their average for this time of year. she says specialty dates are always a popular day to get married-- including february 29. take sot nicole robertson, director of operations, chapel of the flowers people are looking for the numbers, the play on the numbers, whether it's a palindrome number, or the consecutive, 12-13-14, things like that which we've
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performed over 100 weddings in one day. reporting in downtown-- mk-- 13an. > also... new at -6-.. a young snowboarder who saved dozens of lives will be featured..... at this year's nascar weekend. during saturday's race.... christopher ruby's picture will be on x-finity series driver.... joey gase's car. ruby died.... in a snowboarding accident.... two years ago. his donated organs and tissue.... saved -90- lives. a warning for all women... using birth control! next on action news... live at 6:30.. one woman is sharing all the details... you need to know... about essure. she says... it's left her with several ongoing health problems. the contact 13 bottom line.... you need to know! plus.. a fight between two casino employees ends in gunfire. tonight..
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behind bars.
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taken into custody. today was the last day..... for all -7- presidential candidates to sway voters.... before tomorrow... "super tuesday"! their last messages to not only voters... but... also their competition.... next. but 13 action news live at 6-30 begins with a story you asked us to investigate. i'm steve wolford. and i'm tricia kean. a group of neighbors is up in
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construction they say goes on at all hours, preventing them from sleeping. when you ask. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is looking into how this is being allowed, and who's behind it. 00.00 ok it's 10:10 pm construction just started outside of our house 07 we got this video from a viewer of the construction behind her apartment. madine elamki says she's barely slept in months. and to make matters worse.... 00.21 this has been going on since september of 2015 24 im now six months pregnant 27 madina says the construction happens every night overnight, and occasionally during the day, too. 10.35.49 it's like i can't sleep at all 51 it's constant beeping 52 and it's just really really hard to wake up in the morning and try to just function during the day when have no sleep at all 36.01 11.20.19 one of the things that really annoys people living in those apartments is that the construction is taking place right behind their homes,


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